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10:30 AM Sunday

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17300 N. Sun Village Pkwy.
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Surprise, AZ 85374
Phone: 623-214-7225

Sun Village Community Church is a family of faith and a family of friends. God has raised up this body of believers for the support and encouragement of each other and to bring glory to his name. Our purpose as a body of believers is to know God better and to relate the principles of Scripture to our daily lives in order that we might find meaning and purpose in life, and that we might be equipped to serve our Lord.


To Our Sun Village Church Family

November 6, 2016

About this time in 2003 God laid it upon the hearts of the members of the Search Committee here in Sun Village to contact us in Wisconsin asking us to consider filling the position of pastor of this great church. Members of the Committee at that time were: Donna Jones, Bob Todd, Bob Peterson, and Sue Dropps.

God began to stir our hearts to consider the possibility of becoming a preaching pastor after many years in Christian education. Long story short, we arrived in Sun Village for our first Sunday of ministry on May 1, 2004. That was more than 12 years ago. I can honestly say that the ministry here has probably been the most rewarding in our 52 years of ministry.

There is a time and a season for everything.  Donna and I have come to the decision that our season here in Sun Village is coming to a close. We have prayed and sought the Lord for direction for some time and are confident that He has led us to tender our resignation from the church effective at the end of December, 2016.

The members of the church Board have been informed of our decision and have done some diligent preparation for the transition that will take place at the end of the year. You can be assured that due to their diligence the church will be in good hands at the beginning of the new year. Understand too, that the ministries that have been important to you as a church family will continue and only minor changes will be evident as you move on together to continue the work that God has so richly blessed in this place.

One thing we must all remember is that the Community Church At Sun Village is God's work. We are all the instruments in His hands to accomplish His will here on this earth. It is, therefore, of major importance that you each commit yourselves to continue serving Him through this ministry in Sun Village and that you continue your financial and prayer support of the ministry here in Sun Village.

Let me remind you of the benefit the church is to this community. Over the years we have established a wonderful relationship with the community leadership and the residents. God will continue to use the church here as we all remain faithful.

There is a great future for the church here in Sun Village. As you contemplate the impact of this announcement upon the future ministry at CCSV let me encourage you to join together on November 13 for what we are calling "Our Commitment Sunday," when we will study the Word together in an effort to discern what our individual response will be as we move into this new phase of the church here in Sun Village.

Donna and I are praying for God's continued blessing upon this church and you who make up the "Family of Faith - Family of Friends" in Sun Village.

.......God continues to bless this church and has used it for 30 years to accomplish His purpose in this community.  We enjoy a good reputation within the community. I hear often how people who live here year-around appreciate our being here.

May God continue to be glorified through each of you.

Pastor Larry